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He Did it Again

Quite a few times I have been told "I just cant read your blog, it's too sad" or "I can't imagine..." My personal favorite is "I am so sorry for you." I'm not entirely sure how to react to those statements. People have the most pure intentions but sometimes it's painful, even when I know they don't want to hurt, just to help. Should I stop or apologize for sharing our struggles, worries and tears? Is my life so unimaginably awful that people can't even read about it? I mean, I am living it but they tell me they can't even hear about it? Perhaps I am too sensitive but it stings to be pitied, told that your life is so messed up and depressing that others can't handle even being in proximity to it. I didn't ask for this. I don't want this to be our story either.
In the midst of our good days post extubation a familiar threat was silently returning. After his typical three day run Finn hit a hurdle with this respirator…

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