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BRB... Busy Having Fun

The past week has been the most amazing 7 days we've had in the last 6 months. That may sound dramatic but it's true. Yes it was exciting to finally receive Finn's heart after 73 days of waiting, but the struggles that immediately followed were filled with fear and grief. That darkness didn't let up for a long time. Until last Thursday actually.

Finn's problems persisted after his last run in with rejection. The hemorrhage in his lungs didn't seem to want to let up and there wasn't much the team could do. Admittedly I started to get angry and I convinced myself that everyone was giving up on him. In fact, they were actually letting his body heal and man did he take his sweet time. Being in this world for so long now I am used to taking action and it was difficult for me to sit back and watch us do nothing. My over analytical and high anxiety brain believed that we had dropped to the bottom of the totem pole and the team was busy working on the more high pro…

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