Eat at McDonald's (but order a diet coke if you're trying to watch your weight)

This is Jeff. :)  Hi.  I'm not nearly the writer Ali is but I'm going to give it the ol' college try.

What a roller coaster this has been.  The last 5 days has really been a surreal experience.  It's been filled with sadness, hope, and a lot of love. Finn may be just laying in his bed, but he is somehow creating some positivism. I feel closer to my wife, I feel closer to Asher. Maybe not geographically, but our hearts have a higher level of connectivity.

We are working towards extubation. Like tomorrow. So awesome. It is apparent that he hates the breathing tube.  His stability has gotten better and better every day since the move to Mayo. The doctors, nurses and staff are by far some of the smartest people I've met in my life. They are a massive team with one goal: make Finn better. They gather every morning and rack their doctorate stuffed brains. These people are so cool.

Eat McDonald's. Not really, but seriously. Where would we be without the house of love. An organization built off donations and volunteers. It is amazing. I didn't really know what the Ronald McDonald House was until all this happened. I thought it was a place for sick people. It's amazing the things you don't know about people in hard times.  It's actually a super nice place. Our room has a queen and twin bed, TV, bathroom, computer. Common areas have full blown kitchens, couches, laundry, video games, TVs, snacks, milk, an much more. We will be donating to this place for the rest of  our lives.  It is a true notion of love and caring.

That is all I have. I would recommend reading my Facebook post that is a bit deeper: Click here


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