Waiting Game

There isn’t a whole lot to say about today. We are spending our time snuggling and waiting for the “okay” to go home and wait for more test results. 
This morning I missed the doctor’s rounds when I went home to pick up the big boys so Dr. Mulrooney left me a voicemail. Basically, Finn looks great from a clinical standpoint and is ready to go home as soon as he can gain some weight. His birth weight was 8 lbs 7 oz and he had gone down as low as 8 lbs 1 oz here in the hospital before we started the feeding tube. They had been overfeeding him to keep the fluids in his body and now that he is off the NG tube he is expected to get all that from me and bottles. His weight got up to 8 lbs 12 oz even. He definitely isn’t taking the 75 ml they were feeding him a session from me however. The first day we started oral feedings he lost 4 oz and the difference going into today was another 2 oz. So, we are at 8 lbs 6 oz and waiting for his weight tonight. It’s a matter of days before we can go home and it’s up to Finn and I to make it happen. Asher never had any issues eating, in fact he would eat so much he would throw most of it back up and still gained like a champ. Hopefully we can make a gain today and then start talking about discharge.
Asher was so excited to come to the hospital to see “his baby” today. He colored two pictures and brought them for his brother. He loved being at the hospital and thought it was such a fun place to run around and play. I was surprised at how interested he was in Finn. Loving on him, smiling, hugging and patting his head. You can tell he already loves him so much. 

After we left the hospital he kept saying “I want my baby to come to my house and play with my toys” and “when my baby comes home he will sleep in my bed.” It’s just amazing to see how much he cares already. He is going to be such a thoughtful and outstanding big brother. I can’t wait to see their bond grow.

Tonight back at the hospital I can’t help think, will this be one of our last nights here? I am so hopeful and anxious to get this baby home. It’s hard feeling like we are splitting our time. I am either with Asher or Finn and it’s mostly Finn. Jeff and I are like ships passing in the night updating each other on the son we are each spending time with. We are supposed to all be in this together. He has been an amazing partner and a wonderful father throughout this whole ordeal and I am lucky to have him but this will be a lot easier when we are all under one roof. The way it should be. 
January 22, 2017


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