Boy Mom

Well, it happened. I knew it would but I didn’t know how much it would bother me. Maybe it’s because of everything we went through? I know people don’t know what our life has been like for the last two weeks and they don’t mean any harm but it was still difficult for me.
“So, are you going to try again for a girl? I bet you really wanted a girl.” 
I always knew I would be a boy mom. It feels like that was the job I was born to do. I would have been perfectly in love and content with a little girl, but I am over the moon that I get to have another boy.
When Asher was born I did everything in my power not to label him with gender stereotypes. Just because he was a boy didn’t mean he was going to be “all boy” or fit the blue loving, truck crashing, running, climbing, loud and dirty “boy” that everyone expects. BOY was I wrong. Since he was old enough to pick up a toy it has always been a ball or a car. When you ask him his favorite color, it’s blue. He fits every stereotype I tried to avoid. Naturally. He also is thoughtful, sensitive, loving and affectionate. Finn may have similarities and differences but it doesn’t matter to me what’s between his legs. What matters is that he is happy, that he is healthy and that he loves his brother and his brother loves him. That he learns and grows and lives a long and happy life.
Asher and Finn will play, fight, love and hate each other at times. I am so happy that they will grow up together. Brothers. It couldn’t be more perfect! Not an ounce of me wishes that he was a girl or that he would have been born a different person than he is.
At two weeks old and still no answer to what is wrong with Finn’s heart the last thing I can even think about is wishing for a girl or being disappointed that he isn’t a bow wearing, doll loving little lady.
I am proud to be a boy mom!


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