Thank You!

We have had so much love and support over throughout this adventure. I want to be sure to thank everyone who has come together to help us. We would not have survived without you feeding and loving us. You have been our shoulder to cry on and our first call when we have news. Your efforts do not go without appreciation and I hope to pay it forward if I ever have the chance. This experience has changed me in so many ways and I am forever grateful for the village that I have been lucky enough to be a part of.
Fiona’s Hope Totes Brina Weber
Chase’s Toy Chest - Jessica Vogland
Placenta encapsulation, post birth support - Natalia Hals and Hope Lien (A Woman’s Design)
Post birth support - Willow Midwives (Ashley, Candace, Cheryl and Ariana)
Buca dinner for days - Horizontal Integration 
Hospital care package - Reed and Tricia Varner
Welcome home care package - Brumbaugh Family 
Watching Asher and BiteSquad giftcard - Diane (Amma) Napier
Watching Asher and homemade dinner - Gary and Linda Olson 
Dinner, tea, kombucha, lactation cookies and muffins, breastfeeding supplies - Mike and Kelly Egelston 
Watching Sassy - Ryan Guertin 
Neonatologists: Mulrooney, Allred, Voge, Ketko 
Cardiologists: Hills, Vczmar
Geneticists: Vargas, Bhombani
Margaret, Alana, Liz, Wendy, Maddie, Naomi, Chris, Patrick, Derek, Jacqui, Kirsten, Michael, Shannon, Val 
January 25, 2017


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