Home has been room 29 in the Children’s Hospital NICU for the past 10 days. Finn hasn’t seen the outside of this room for more than a few minutes of his life. He hasn’t experienced the sounds of Sassy barking at the neighbors or his big brother running around the house singing Baa Baa Black Sheep over and over again. For virtually all his life he has been confined to a NICU bassinet with brief reprieves to the rocker that sits next to it. I have brought blankets, clothing, pictures and more from home to try and make it feel less like a hospital room, but there isn’t much you can do when your child is practically wired to the bed.
Yesterday I was told by our doctor that I should make a pediatrician appointment for Thursday. That meant we should be going home by Wednesday, right? Later in the day our nurse, Michael, mentioned that Dr. Ketko said that if Finn gains enough we can even go home on Tuesday. Is this real life? I don’t really want to get my hopes up quite yet. The day before we only had a weight gain of 10g. He should be gaining 20-30g a day and continue to show improvement over time. Now to force feed this kid. He had his circumcision done today and I was warned that they get pretty sleepy and are less likely to eat afterwards. Fingers crossed this doesn’t hinder our opportunity to go home. All I want is to have my family whole again.
In the meantime we eat, sleep and wait…
January 23, 2017


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